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The Glass Aqua All-In-One Planted Aquarium Tank Kit is a complete aquascaping kit that includes everything needed to create a freshwater aquascape layout. A perfect canvas, our all-in-one planted aquarium kit includes the aquarium tank, aquarium filter, LED light, CO2, aquarium substrate soil, hardscape, and tweezers. All that's left is choosing your aquatic plants to complete it! Each item included is curated by our team to ensure that our aquascaping kit is aesthetic and cost-effective while still providing quality essentials needed to start a successful planted aquarium tank. Our all-in-one planted aquarium kit is suitable for any occasion and all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner who would like some guidance or an advance planted tank enthusiast looking for a solid setup for your next aquarium project.

Aquarium Kit Includes:
UNS Rimless 30C All-In-One Cube Glass Aquarium Tank (approximately 4.9 gallons) with black leveling mat
Coarse filter sponge (pre-installed)
Porous ceramic filter media in media bag (pre-installed)
Dymax pump with outlet nozzle attachment (pre-installed with the adjustable flow)
ONF Flat Nano LED Light
UNS CO2 Nature Bottle Kit
3L bag of UNS Controsoil Substrate
5LBS of random rocks or 5 pieces of Pacific Wood Nano
Stainless steel aquascaping tweezers

Aquarium Kit Breakdown:
Ultum Nature Systems Complete All-In-One 30C Rimless Aquarium Glass Tank
The aquarium tank included is a beautiful 30C rimless glass aquarium by Ultum Nature Systems. This special edition aquarium tank features a sleek, built-in filter eliminating the research prompted when finding the correct aquarium filter. The filtration chamber includes a coarse aquarium sponge, quality porous ceramic bio-media and a reliable Dymax water pump to provide consistent flow to the entire aquarium tank.

ONF Flat Nano Aquarium LED Light
Quality lighting is essential when promoting aquatic plant growth. Densely planted aquarium tanks are a safe haven for freshwater fish and shrimp species. The Flat One Nano LED light by ONF is a beautiful aquarium LED lighting solution that is constructed from simple materials while remaining extremely practical for maintenance and is resistant to unsightly rust buildup. With 3 lighting levels that administer a slow ramp up and down, this aquarium LED will illuminate an aquarium tank beautifully while meeting the needs of different aquatic plant light requirements and ensuring your aquarium tank inhabitants aren't spooked and adjust well to their new environment.

Ultum Nature Systems Nature Bottle CO2 Kit
Quality aquarium lighting and CO2 injection go hand in hand. Included in this aquascaping kit is a Nature Bottle by Ultum Nature Systems. The introduction of CO2 in a planted aquarium tank allows aquatic plants to thrive and grow more efficiently, while also giving them the ability to out-compete algae for nutrients in the water column. The Nature Bottle by Ultum Nature Systems contains simple setup instructions along with refill media to ease beginners into CO2 injection. This unit is easy to move and can be swapped out or upgraded to preference!

Marfied Controsoil Aquarium Substrate soil
Planted aquarium substrate soil provides a source of crucial nutrients for aquatic plants. Controsoil by Ultum Nature Systems is ready to use out of the bag and does not require any rinsing. Controsoil doesn't leech excessive nutrients reducing the potential for algae growth and buffers water to a slightly acidic pH, providing a well-rounded environment for aquarium plants and tank inhabitants.

Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One 30C Cube Glass Aquarium Tank
Aquascaping hardscape material acts as building blocks. Our complete aquascaping kit contains some of the most popular types of hardscape material. Seiryu Stone is a classic stone type used commonly in the planted tank hobby for creating Iwagumi layouts or as a base for aquarium driftwood. Pacific wood features beautiful knots and character. Aquarium wood is known for its buoyancy and should always be boiled or soaked thoroughly before use to ensure the pieces are waterlogged! Pacific Wood is one of the densest woods and does not take as long to become waterlogged, making it perfect for those who are short on time but love the natural look aquarium wood provides. Tools complete the kit, allowing for precision planting to ensure aquatic plants grow in lush and full!
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