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Receive a sample pack of Aquario Neo Plants Tab and Iron root tabs with every 8L bag purchase!

This 4 pack of premium planted aquarium tank substrate bundle is a smart way to save on Aquario Neo Soil. This bundle of planted aquarium tank substrate will fill a 60 - 100 gallon aquarium tank completely with approximately 1.75" - 3" of substrate height. This bundle is the perfect amount of planted aquarium tank substrate for aquarium hobbyists looking to achieve high substrate slopes in an Ultum Nature Systems 90U (68 gallons) or a flattened substrate line in an Ultum Nature Systems 120U (114 gallons). Aquario Neo Soil is a solid choice for nurturing aquatic plant health and creating a canvas for simple or intricate planted aquarium tank layouts.

Neo Soil by Aquario is a premium planted aquarium soil substrate that is made using volcanic soil and is optimized for lush aquatic plant growth. Easy for beginners and great for experienced hobbyists, Neo Soil contains specialized bacteria, activated by water contact, and eliminates pollutants that can potentially build up within substrates. This aquarium substrate also includes contained food for the beneficial bacteria to provide longevity and efficiency. Bottom activation helps aquatic plants absorb nutrition readily and results in lush growth without the excessive use of additional fertilizers. A unique feature from Neo Soil is its air pockets within the soil granules. The air holes inside enable beneficial bacteria to reproduce in bulk.

  • Neo Soil contains dormant beneficial bacteria that can appear as a white substance. This is normal!
  • CO2 injection and quality aquarium lighting are recommended.
  • We recommend 30% water changes during the first month after the initial setup. 
  • Avoid mixing with other aquarium soils or substrates due to difference in composition. 
  • Results may vary depending upon planted aquarium condition, maintenance and other factors.

Below is a planted tank using Aquario Neo Soil:
Glass Aqua Planted Aquarium Tropica

How much Aquario Neo Soil do I need?
The general rule of thumb is one 3L bag per 5 gallons and one 9L bag per 15 gallons

[Tank Length x Tank Depth x Desired Substrate Height (inches)] / 60 = Total liters of Aquarium Soil required

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