Bonsai Tree Driftwood Large


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Bonsai Tree Driftwood for planted aquariums is handmade from various natural aquarium-safe driftwoods. Skilled artisans create these trees in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit almost all aquarium tanks. Bonsai Tree Driftwood is extremely versatile, easy to work with and are the perfect aquarium hardscape material for an instant aquascape layout. These underwater bonsai trees pair well with aquatic plant species such as Anubias, Bucephalandra, Ferns and aquatic moss species. By carefully attaching these aquatic plants species to Bonsai Tree Driftwood, a natural bonsai tree look can be mimicked in an aquarium. On the flip side, this driftwood can be used to display any type of plant, aquatic, terrestrial, and even air plants. 

Almost all driftwood is buoyant! Before using Bonsai Tree Driftwood, we recommend soaking the wood for as long as possible prior to adding it into an aquarium. Alternative methods are to boil the wood or attach it to a dense aquarium hardscape rock. Boiling aquarium driftwood encourages tannins to release quicker and will also sterilize the wood. Tannin water is not dangerous and will not harm tank inhabitants, in fact, it will lower the pH over time. A lower pH also results in the aiding of nutrient consumption for aquatic plants and allowing aquarium water parameters to be closer to nature for tropical fish such as Tetras, Rasboras, Bettas, or Gouramis. If the water tint created by the release of tannins is not your cup of tea, we suggest changing the water every so often. However, some aquarium hobbyists do enjoy its natural look. This usually is contingent upon personal preference and species of fish that are kept.

Approximate Size: 15” x 7” x 10”
Suggested Tank Size: 17 - 29 Gallons

For aquarium tanks larger than 29 gallons, multiple pieces and varying sizes of Bonsai Tree Driftwood can be used to create depth and various layouts.

TIP 1: 
Usually sinks on its own in 2 weeks time

TIP 2: Tannins leeched from wood will provide a natural tint to water, but will gradually dissipate based on frequency of water changes

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