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Bonsai Tree Driftwood for planted aquariums is constructed from various natural aquarium-safe driftwoods. Skilled artisans create each tree by hand, in a wide range of styles and sizes. Bonsai Tree Driftwood is extremely versatile, easy to work with and is a great hardscape choice for an instant aquascape layout. 

Ultum Nature Systems Bonsai Tree Driftwood

Almost all driftwood is buoyant! Before using Bonsai Tree Driftwood, we recommend soaking the wood for as long as possible prior to adding it into an aquarium tank. Alternative methods are to boil the wood or attach it to a dense aquarium hardscape rock. Boiling aquarium driftwood encourages tannins to release quicker and will also sterilize the wood. Tannin water is not dangerous and will not harm tank inhabitants, in fact, it will lower the pH over time. A lower pH also results in the aiding of nutrient consumption for aquatic plants and aquarium water parameters being closer to natural habitats for most tropical fish such as Tetras, Rasboras, Bettas, or Gouramis.

If the water tint created by the release of tannins is not your cup of tea, we suggest increasing the frequency of water changes. However, some aquarium hobbyists do enjoy its natural look. This usually is contingent upon personal preference and species of fish that are kept.

Recommended Aquatic Plants:

Standard Style
This bonsai driftwood tree is called standard for good reason! It features a simple design that mimics general bonsai trees. This type of bonsai driftwood tree works well for a centered aquascape layout. Sporting multiple branches to adorn aquatic plant species such as Anubias and Bucephalandra, the standard style bonsai driftwood tree is a classic choice for aquascapers of all skill levels.

Double Trunk Style
Double trunk style bonsai driftwood trees feature a double trunk. We recommend this style for those are looking to achieve a more complicated look within a planted aquarium tank. The second trunk is placed at a lower level allowing for additional depth and intricate styling with aquatic plants of choice. This style of aquarium bonsai driftwood tree would work best for a centered aquascape layout or part of a triangular style aquascape layout. Aquatic plants such as Anubias, Bucephalandra, Java Ferns and more would work well with this style of bonsai driftwood tree. 

Curve Trunk Style
Curve trunk style works perfectly for triangular style aquascape layouts. Featuring a slight sway, this bonsai driftwood tree is already angled for added length effects. The lower branch extends further, giving additional character. Alongside the general aquatic plants, we'd recommend adding stones to the base to finish the look!

Short and Stout Style
Short and stout style is straightforward. This type of bonsai driftwood tree stands upright and features a wider spread of a branchy top. The short and stout style would work well for a centered aquascape layout. We'd recommend pairing it with aquatic moss species.

Platform Style
Similar to the standard style aquarium bonsai driftwood tree, the platform style features little pads in place of the normal branchy wood. This is done to create a pedestal for attaching aquatic plants such as Anubias, Bucephalandra and aquatic moss species. Aquatic moss species would work exceptionally well due to their growth patterns. With optimal care, aquatic moss can overgrow and eventually hang off the pads giving a matured appearance to the aquarium tank.  We recommend species such as Willow Moss or Weeping Moss to complete the look.


    Tank Recommendations
    8.5 x 5 x 6.5
    8 x 6 x 6.5
    8 x 5 x 6.25
    7 x 4.5 x 5.25
    8 x 4 x 6 

    TIP 1: 
    Usually sinks on its own in 2 weeks time

    TIP 2: Tannins leeched from wood will provide a natural tint to water, but will gradually dissipate based on the frequency of water changes

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