Bucephalandra Maia

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Bucephalandra Maia is lovely species of Bucephalandra. Like most species of Buce, there is little known about Bucephalandra Maia and this aquarium plant is typically only available in in-vitro forms at this time in the hobby. When grown in optimal conditions, Buce Maia produces iridescent color tones ranging from dark red to copper hues under quality aquarium LED lighting units. It is said that Bucephalandra Maia's leaves are narrow in growth with a soft curve and pointed tip. 

While a suitable aquatic plant for beginners, Bucephalandra does require some specific care to achieve the sparkling color tones and beautiful characteristics that are sought-after and loved when keeping this plant in a planted aquarium setting. Endemic to Borneo, Bucephalandra is typically found along the beds of quick-flowing bodies of water that flood seasonally. With this in mind, most Bucephalandra species appreciate sufficient flow and can also be grown in emersed conditions in a terrarium or paludarium-like setting. Emersed forms are typically not as colorful and intense as submerged forms that are provided with CO2 injection and quality lighting. 

 Even so, Bucephalandra is fairly hardy and its care is comparable to that of Anubias, Cryptocoryne, Ferns, and Mosses. Bucephalandra Maia, like other Buce, is an epiphytic aquarium plant and can grow properly without being planted in aquarium soil. We recommend placing it between gaps in hardscape layouts or tying it to aquascaping stones and aquarium driftwood. Over time, it will self-attach and should be left undisturbed, if possible. 

Common Name Buce Maia
Bucephalandra Maia
Care Easy
Low to Medium
CO2 Recommended
Suggested Placement Attach to wood or stone
Propagation Separate rhizome
Growth Rate Slow
Leaf Size 2-4"

Tissue culture plants are grown in-vitro by laboratories who specialize in propagating aquatic plants. There is a huge selection of plant species that have been propagated this way. This is truly the best option for those who want absolutely zero unwanted pests, algae and pesticides. This makes them perfect for shrimp keepers and any planted tank enthusiasts alike.

NOTE: It is important to remove the tissue culture agar gel before planting. Simply wash the gel away, divide, and plant.

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