Halfmoon Male Betta [GBF028]

Betta Fish
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What you see is what you get! This listing is for the exact Betta fish shown in the main photo. Betta fish are known and loved for their lively personalities, wide range of color morphs, patterns and extravagant finnage. These bettas are captive bred, and are double checked for good health before being listed or sold.

Sex: Male
Type: Halfmoon Male Betta Fish
Size: 2-3"
Color/Pattern: Blue, Black, Red

Betta Splendens, commonly referred to as Betta or Siamese Fighting Fish, refers to the genus of the fish. Currently, there are over 70 recognized species. Betta fish are a common first fish for good reason. Betta fish are space efficient, requiring a minimum of 2.5-5 gallons of water. These fish are brightly colored and are highly interactive, making them a top contender for first-time fish keepers. While generally hardy, Betta fish are also, sadly, commonly mistreated. Here are some of our tips and tricks to ensure your Betta has a proper home and is happy and healthy!

Ideal pH. The ideal pH for a Betta fish is around 6.8, but they will tolerate a range from 6-8. Bettas come from environments rich with leaf litter and other organics, making their waters slightly acidic and soft. Try adding some tannin-containing elements such as Indian Almond Leaves (IAL) or aquarium driftwood to naturally tint and lower your water's pH level.
Keep a clean and well-maintained aquarium. Don't forget to purchase a dechlorinator if you are using tap water to remove heavy metals and other harmful substances commonly present in normal tap.
Quality filtration is important for Betta fish. Due to sensitive fins, we recommend a filter that produces a gentle flow while ensuring water is filtered.
Stable temperatures! Betta fish come from tropical regions that provide toasty temperatures of 76-80F. Water that is too cold or too hot can result in damaged fins, sluggish behavior and an unhappy fish that is more susceptible to illness and disease.
Consider adding some live aquarium plants to your Betta's tank! Betta fish love to forage and appreciate some coverage. Live aquatic plants also provide another source of natural filtration.
Daily exercise. Just like humans, Betta fish need some exercise to ensure they remain nice and strong. Simply take any reflective surface and allow the fish to see its reflection to encourage it to flare its fins. Try this for a few minutes, daily.
An aquarium lid. Due to some jumping risks, the ideal betta aquarium should have surface coverage. Avoid a tight fitting lid as Bettas still need to come to the surface for air.

For more in-depth information about Betta fish and overall care, head over to our blog for more!

Part 1 - Tank setup, water preparation, aquarium cycling, filtration, heating, live plants and decor.

Part 2 - Tank maintenance, Betta food, flare exercises, recommended tank mates, natural supplements, remedies, illnesses, diseases, medication and short overview.

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