Indian Almond Leaves

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Antibacterial and antifungal properties
Organic leaves that mimic natural tropical environments
Great for Betta Fish, Tropical Fish, and freshwater shrimp
Natural cover for fish breeding and fry
Perfect addition to Blackwater aquarium setups and provides lower pH


Indian Almond Leaves, IAL for short, have been used for years. Made popular by its traditional use with Betta Fish breeders in South East Asia, Indian Almond Leaves are touted to be quite beneficial when used properly. The use of these leaves provides a wide range of benefits for their aquarium tank inhabitants. Indian Almond Leaves have antibacterial and antifungal properties to help relieve stress and lower the risk of infection within an aquarium tank. Their most popular benefit is their tannin-rich composition. Indian Almond Leaves, like aquarium driftwood and peat, release ample amounts of tannins into the water column. Tannin-rich waters, also popularly referred to as Blackwater Setups, are loved by freshwater shrimp and fish species such as the popular Betta Splendens, Tetras, Angel Fish, Discus, Rasbora, and more as it mimics their natural environment within the wild. The use of leaf litter provides coverage and hides for smaller species of fish and shrimp fry along with the perfect breeding ground for micro food sources such as infusoria. Use of IAL gives aquarium water its recognized tea-colored tinge with the level of darkness being based upon how high the concentration of tannins in the water is present. IAL can be used for many scenarios, but are typically used for new aquarium setups, fry aquarium tanks, hospital tanks and for the popular Betta Splendens species. These Indian Almond Leaves come from Catappa trees that are far and free from city pollution. Picked within 24 hours of falling, these Indian Almond Leaves are free of fungus and go through a rigorous cleaning process to ensure premium quality that is safe for your aquarium tank inhabitants. 

For freshwater shrimp breeders who’d like to feed these leaves without blackening the water, boil for 10-20 minutes before feeding.

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