Oase Filtosmart Thermo Aquarium Tank Canister Filter

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Two in one design - Oase Filtosmart Thermo canister filters feature an integrated heater.
3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
UL Certified

Oase's Filtosmart Thermo canister filter is a fantastic choice for powerful filtration in your aquarium. Designed by German engineering and made in Italy, the Filtosmart Thermo canister filter comes well-built with various features loved by aquarists of all styles. Suitable for both freshwater, planted and marine aquariums, Oase Filtosmart Thermo includes an integrated heater, ensuring precise and uniform temperatures in the aquarium while reducing the amount of in-tank equipment visible to the eye. Its multi-stage filtration performs superior mechanical and biological filtration resulting in crystal clear water, optimal circulation and the perfect environment for the colonization of beneficial bacteria.

Designed to reduce noise, the unit is also sturdy with locking features to reduce risk for spillage during handling and maintenance. Setup is quick and the Filtosmart Thermo is self-priming for easy continued operation. Overall, Oase's Filtosmart Thermo Aquarium Canister Filter is a solid choice for aquarist looking for quality filtration equipment.

Color: Smoke Grey

Integrated heater
Compact design & large filter surface
Easy setup and maintenance
Less mess maintenance
Self-priming & adjustable flow
Quiet operation

Canister Filter
Integrated Heater
Filter Media
Intake Tube with Strainer
Outflow Nozzle & Spray Bar
Inlet and Outlet Adapters with Flow Control
Tubing & Accessories
Removable Base
Power Cable

Model Specifications

Model Dimensions 
Max Flow Rate (GPH) Suggested Tank Size (Gallons) Tank Recommendations
100 8 x 5.5 x 10 160 Up to 30G Ultum Nature Systems 30C

Ultum Nature Systems 45U

Ultum Nature Systems 60S

Ultum Nature Systems 90B
200 11 x 7 x 13.3 210 Up to 55G Ultum Nature Systems 40C

Ultum Nature Systems 60U

Ultum Nature Systems 75S

Ultum Nature Systems 90L
11 x 7 x 16.9 260 Up to 80G Ultum Nature Systems 75P

Ultum Nature Systems 90P

Additional Specifications [100]:
- Rated Voltage: 120V / 60 Hz
- Filter Volume: 0.34 GAL
- Pre-Filter Volume: 0.18 GAL
- Max Head Height: 4.6FT
- Net Weight / Power Cord Length: 4.4LB / 6FT 
- Power Consumption: 11W
- Power Consumption (Heater): 100W
- Connection: 1/2" (12/16MM)

Additional Specifications [200]:
- Rated Voltage: 120V / 60 Hz
- Filter Volume: 1.1 GAL
- Pre-Filter Volume: 0.4 GAL 
- Max Head Height: 3.3FT
- Net Weight / Power Cord Length: 9LB / 6FT 
- Power Consumption: 17W
- Power Consumption (Heater): 200W
- Connection: 5/8" (16/22MM)

Additional Specifications [300]:
- Rated Voltage: 120V / 60 Hz
- Filter Volume: 1.7 GAL
- Pre-Filter Volume: 0.4 GAL 
- Max Head Height: 5FT
- Net Weight / Power Cord Length: 10.6LB / 6FT 
- Power Consumption: 23W
- Power Consumption (Heater): 300W
- Connection: 5/8" (16/22MM)

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