UNS Cube All-In-One Complete Aquarium Tank System

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The perfect rimless glass aquarium tank with a built-in filtration system that includes high-quality filter media and pump. It also features the same construction that is loved by all Ultum Nature Systems Rimless Aquarium Tank owners! 

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Taking a modern and minimalist approach, the Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One Complete Aquarium Tank System is a complete solution that includes a sleek built-in triple filter chamber. This eliminates the requirement for an additional piece of aquarium tank equipment and provides the planted aquarium tank with the essential flow and quality filtration through a coarse aquarium sponge, quality bio-media for beneficial bacteria and a sturdy water pump. Sporting the same craftsmanship, the Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One is constructed from 91% clarity Diamant glass and high-grade German silicone glue. With its notable 45° edges, the same beautiful aesthetic is preserved, allowing for an unparalleled view of a planted aquarium tank. The Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One Complete Aquarium Tank System is suitable for any occasion and all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner who would like some guidance or an advanced planted tank enthusiast looking for a solid setup for another aquarium project.

All-In-One Complete Aquarium Tank System Includes:
UNS Rimless 30A Glass Aquarium Tank (approximately 4.9 gallons) with black leveling mat
Coarse filter sponge (pre-installed)
Porous ceramic filter media in media bag (pre-installed)
Dymax pump with outlet nozzle attachment (pre-installed with the adjustable flow)

Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One Complete Aquarium Tank System
The aquarium tank included is a beautiful 30A rimless glass aquarium by Ultum Nature Systems. This special edition aquarium tank features a sleek, built-in filter eliminating the research prompted when finding the correct aquarium filter. The filtration chamber includes a coarse aquarium sponge, quality porous ceramic bio-media and a reliable Dymax water pump to provide consistent flow to the entire aquarium tank.

Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One Complete Aquarium Tank System Sponge Filter

Aquarium Filter Chamber 1
A thick and high-quality reusable black sponge is placed in the initial chamber as a solid form of mechanical filtration. This is to prevent detritus, more commonly known as fish waste and aquatic plant matter from building up within the following filtration chambers. Simple to maintain, this coarse sponge can be easily taken out for cleaning and popped back in quickly. The sponge should be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid overflow spills, ensuring the aquarium tank is running efficiently.

Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One Complete Aquarium System Bio Media

Aquarium Filter Chamber 2
Porous ceramic bio ring media is included in a fine mesh bag for easy installation. Bio media is an essential factor when providing the correct environment for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. Beneficial Bacteria maintains and contributes to a balanced ecosystem in a planted aquarium tank. An extra room is available within the chamber for the addition of alternative bio media and customization if preferred. This media does not require regular maintenance compared to the coarse sponge but will eventually require a light rinse as detritus builds.

Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One Complete Aquarium Tank System Power Head Pump

Aquarium Filter Chamber 3
The final chamber houses a small and powerful power head water pump. This water pump is key in ensuring that clean water is cycled back into the planted aquarium tank. The flow is adjustable depending on preference and aquarium tank inhabitants. Coming pre-installed, this fully submersible aquarium water pump should never be running dry and unplugged during aquarium tank maintenance. 

We always recommend using a quality aquarium substrate soil as it provides a source of crucial nutrients for aquatic plants. Controsoil by Ultum Nature Systems is ready to use out of the bag and does not require any rinsing. Controsoil doesn't leech excessive nutrients reducing the potential for algae growth and buffers the water to a slightly acidic pH, providing a well-rounded environment for aquarium plants and tank inhabitants.

Ultum Nature Systems All-In-One 30C Cube Glass Aquarium Tank
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