Riccia Fluitans

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Riccia Fluitans, also known as Crystalwort, is a floating aquatic plant made popular by well known and respected nature aquarium master, Takashi Amano. He was the first individual to utilize this delicate plant as an epiphyte by attaching it to hardscape material such as stones and aquarium driftwood. Riccia Fluitans features a delicate texture and light green hue. It is well known for its extreme "pearling" or producing a large number of oxygen bubbles that looks beautiful underwater. Riccia Fluitans is commonly used for a carpet foreground aquatic plant in aquaria but has many uses. Alternatively, it can also be attached to hardscape material or left floating. When attaching it, it's important to note that this particular aquatic plant will not self-attach, meaning it will need to be maintained consistently to prevent it from floating away. CO2 is not required for the growth of Riccia, but it does fare better when CO2 injection is added. Easy to cultivate, Riccia Fluitans will grow quickly if it likes the water it is in. Young fish fry and shrimp also benefit from its coverage and will gladly nestle within its foliage.

Common Name Riccia
Care  Easy 
Lighting Low to Medium 
CO2 Optional
Suggested Placement All
Propagation Cut or pull apart
Growth Rate Varies
Height Varies
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