Wood and Driftwood

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Natural aquarium driftwood is a popular type of hardscape layout material for freshwater and planted aquarium tanks for multiple reasons. Aquarium driftwood or wood is commonly used to create nature aquarium style planted tanks and is a great foundation for attaching aquatic plant species such as aquatic mosses and epiphytes such as Anubias, Bucephalandra and aquatic Ferns. Using aquarium driftwood is great for adding height and playing with depth when creating an aquascape layout.Its dark coloration contrasts well with the pop of vivid colors produced by aquatic plants, freshwater fish and shrimp species. Aquarium driftwood comes in a range of sizes, shapes and textures to fit each aquascaper’s personal preference. From Manzanita Wood’s branchy character and Spider Wood’s twisty nature to Pacific Wood’s knotted and dense composition, there is a type of aquarium driftwood for every style and scaper out there!