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Glass Aqua Planted Aquarium Tank UNS 45U

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The Glass Aqua Advantage

It’s not a secret that there are plenty of choices out there. But, we’re proud of the long lasting relationships we’re able to form with customers whether they’re new or someone who has been around since our start. Higher standards of service and quality products for everyone to enjoy are some of the things we’re about here. Need some reasons to believe us? Here’s 4.

We're hobbyists, just like you

All of our team members are hobbyists too! With skill levels ranging from learning beginner to seasoned scaper with years of experience under their belts. No matter who you interact with, they’re sure to have the answers you’re looking for. If not, they’ll definitely know who you should be speaking with. If you’re feeling skeptical, send us your complicated questions - Challenge accepted.

Quality is key

We perform vigorous tests and trials on any product we consider offering on our website. Some of the main characteristics we search for are reliability, durability and overall function. Will this light break if we drop it from the second story? If it passes the test, the item is then confidently offered to you. (Jk, volatile drop tests aren’t part of the criteria, but we do test each item thoroughly in appropriate ways!)

Price match guarantee

Find a better price on the same item(s) somewhere else online? Email us a screenshot of your cart and we’ll price match it within the same business day! No questions asked. Quick and simple, right? We respect healthy competition - We'll take the L to help you save some dough.

Our customers love us

We’re humans, just like you. We promise to treat each question, comment or concern with empathy and professionalism. We stand by our FAQ and processes, but we understand things can happen. Check out our reviews for an unbiased glimpse into what people think of us.

Tried and True

We Offer Only The Best

We carry the hottest brands on the market, as long as they pass our quality tests of course. In other words, we’ll never list anything just for the green.

Born and Grown in Los Angeles

Located in sunny Southern California - we ship direct to you

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Shop The Look

A lookbook for some of our most popular planted aquarium tank builds. Visit this page for inspiration. Or, find out what’s in each of our personal tanks down to the last Rotala. You’ll also discover what equipment we use and overall information about the tank such as care, lighting and more. Easy to click, read, digest and shop your favorite Glass Aqua tanks - all on the same page.
Glass Aqua Ultum Nature Systems UNS 45U Planted Aquarium Tank Glass Aqua Ultum Nature Systems UNS 45U Planted Aquarium Tank

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We're All Over The Internets

Here are some of our social resources we provide for free where you can expect to see new aquascapes, learn new things and engage with the bustling community (including us!). Join us in improving the industry, inspiring existing enthusiasts and inviting new friends to the hobby.

Helpful Tips and Tricks

We recommend staying up to date on our blog. Written in an easy-to-digest style, both beginners and planted tank nerds can enjoy topics such as aquatic moss comparisons, step-by-step guides and thorough breakdowns on planted aquarium equipment and processes.

Learn by Watching

We spend endless amounts of time tinkering with our gear and bending in weird positions to capture and create cinematic moments and informative videos for you. Subscribe to our channel where we’ll take you on an up close and personal tour that shows the inner workings of our most popular planted aquarium tank projects.

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