New Year, New Giveaway

In light of the new year, Glass Aqua will be hosting a free giveaway for the following items:1x Ultum Nature Systems 40C 16G rimless tank1x Ultum Nature Systems Delta 60 Canister Filter1x Ultum Nature Systems Controsoil 10 Liter bag1x planted aquarium LED lightThe retail value...

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Twinstar LED Light Comparison Guide

With so many aquarium lighting options on the market, getting overwhelmed can happen quickly. However, whether you have a planted aquarium tank, fish tank or even a shrimp tank, using a quality aquarium light is essential for the health and growth of your aquarium. Enter...

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Aquarium Moss Comparison Guide

There are numerous species of aquarium moss that are popular in the hobby and it can be overwhelming (in a good way) to decide on the perfect moss since there are so many choices. So we've come up with a simple comparison guide to help you decide....

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