Rocks and Stones

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Natural aquarium rocks and stones are a staple in the freshwater and planted aquarium hobby. Commonly used for mountainous rocky hillsides or Iwagumi style aquascape layouts, aquascaping stones such as Ryuoh stone and Seiryu stone are popular examples of classic aquarium rocks that have been deemed safe to use for aquascaping in a planted aquarium tank as they will not dramatically alter water chemistry. When aquarium rocks are not being used in a rock only aquascape layout, they are typically used alongside aquarium driftwood in nature aquarium style layouts as the base to add beautiful accents to the planted aquarium tank. Aquarium rocks are dense in composition and are the perfect layout material for providing sturdy bases that can be utilized to raise layout heights by placing them underneath aquarium substrate. Rocks and stones can also add stability to a wavering aquascape or to weigh down buoyant driftwood. Each type of aquarium stone has character and features unique to itself. Porous stones such as Black Lava Rock and Icelandic Lava Rock provide the perfect surface for allowing aquatic plant species to easily attach themselves, producing a natural and mature appearance. Ohko Dragon Stone features unique holes that add a distinct aesthetic while acting as pockets that can be used to nurture aquatic plant species. Available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, textures and colors, aquascaping rocks and stones are extremely versatile and often, an essential part of a successful planted aquarium tank.
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