Aquario Neo Mixer

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Aquario Neo Mixer allows the aquarium hobbyist to diffuse CO2 seamlessly and effectively! Pipes are not included. 
Made from PETG and is stronger than acrylic
Easy to use when compared to other inline diffuser options!
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The Aquario Neo Mixer was designed as an accessory for the Aquario NEO Flow Aquarium Lily Pipe Normal Set. In-line CO2 diffusers are loved for their high diffusion and efficacy, but maintenance and installation can prove to be a hassle in the long run! The Aquario NEO Mixer implements the same concept while being easy to maintain and remaining non-obtrusive, visually. Aquario Neo Mixer is an optional accessory that is attached to the end of the outflow, resulting in increased CO2 diffusion provided by the flow. Neo Mixer is simple to install and remove when maintenance is needed and includes both left and right side mounting configurations allowing the same unit to be used accross different layouts.

Why CO2 injection is important in a planted tank: 3 main factors contribute to the optimal growth of aquatic plants. These factors include nutrients, light and carbon dioxide (CO2). If any of these are unbalanced, the results are algae growth or the withering of plants. The introduction of CO2 in a planted aquarium allows plants to thrive and grow more efficiently, while also giving them the ability to out-compete algae for nutrients. No matter what type of planted aquarium setup you have, we recommend CO2 injection for better aquarium plant growth.

Pair the Aquario Neo Mixer with other Aquario Neo Flow accessories! The Aquario Neo Mixer can be removed easily for quick and simple cleaning. This unit is made from durable PETG material as opposed to glass. However, excessive force can still break or crack this product. Please handle with care.

Medium fits 13MM and Large fits 17MM

Aquario Neo Mixer attachment shown below:

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