Chihiros LED Light - Nova 1

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The Chihiros Nova 1 LED light unit is a fantastic choice for illuminating saltwater coral reef tanks. Featuring integrated Bluetooth control capabilities, users are able to effortlessly adjust color and brightness settings within the compatible smartphone app. The Nova 1 marine LED light provides the sunrise and sunset settings to stimulate gradual transitions, improving the well-being of aquatic life within the tank. The Chihiros Nova 1 LED light is suitable for use with all photosynthetic corals and can be mounted using the compatible light stand. 

Interested in more flexibility? The Chihiros Nova 1 LED light can be upgraded to WiFi connectivity with the use of the optional WiFi Hub. Unlock the ability to manage your Chihiros Nova 1 Coral LED Light remotely via WiFi, giving you complete control over your lighting setup.

What we like about the Chihiros Nova 1 Aquarium Tank LED Light

Smart App Control: The Chihiros Nova 1 Coral Light can be controlled remotely via smartphone app 'MyChihiros' app. Customize lighting settings and select from a variety of engaging light modes to curate the perfect marine aquarium ambiance.  
Enhanced Spectrum: Chihiros Nova 1 offers eight channels of independent control, delivering a dynamic and tailored spectrum. Fine-tune the lighting to cater to your corals' specific needs and achieve stunning visual effects.
Hemispherical Daylight Lens: The Chihiros Nova 1 offers strong penetration, making the unit suitable for deeper aquariums. 

Model Specifications

Model Dimensions (IN)
W x D x H
Lumens Power (WATTS) LED Bulbs
Nova 1 9.53 x 9.41 x 4.37
(package dimensions)
3800 126 61

About Chihiros

Chihiros Aquatic Studio is a technology company that is well known for their quality products in the aquarium hobby. Their goal is to provide aquarium essentials that are accessible and easy to use for aquarium hobbyists of all skill levels.

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