Chihiros Light Shade with Mirror - B Series

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The Chihiros Light Shade with Mirror provides glare protection for the Chihiros B Series Aquarium Light by redirecting the light source and preventing it from spreading too widely. Utilizing aquarium light shades are a great option for those who have tanks situated in common rooms or areas in the home with high traffic. The Chihiros Light Shade is quick and simple to install, allowing the aquarium to receive the lighting it needs while ensuring comfortable viewing and reduced distraction. This listing is for the Chihiros B Series LED Light Shade with Mirror ONLY and does not include the aquarium LED light.

What we like about the Chihiros B Series Light Shade and Mirror

Enhanced Glare Control: The Chihiros B Series LED Light Shade and mirror effectively minimizes glare from the LED light, creating a comfortable viewing experience. It features a streamlined design to compliment the LED light and is simple to install.

Model Specifications

Model Dimensions (IN)
W x D
B20 Light Shade with Mirror
6.93 x 1.97" Chihiros B20 LED Light
B30 Light Shade with Mirror
10.87 x 1.97"
Chihiros B30 LED Light
B45 Light Shade with Mirror
16.77 x 1.97"
Chihiros B45 LED Light
B60 Light Shade with Mirror
22.68 x 1.97"
Chihiros B60 LED Light
B90 Light Shade with Mirror
34.49 x 1.97
Chihiros B90 LED Light
B120 Light Shade with Mirror
46.3 x 1.97
Chihiros B120 LED Light

About Chihiros

Chihiros Aquatic Studio is a technology company that is well known for their quality products in the aquarium hobby. Their goal is to provide aquarium essentials that are accessible and easy to use for aquarium hobbyists of all skill levels.

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