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Limnobium Laevigatum, commonly known as Amazon Frogbit, is a floating aquatic plant that is commonly seen in freshwater ponds. This aquarium floating plant is fantastic for providing coverage to skittish aquarium fish or in breeding aquariums containing fry or shrimplets. Amazon Frogbit also provides shade and a natural source of filtration to the aquarium, improving the overall health and cleanliness of the aquarium's water column. 

Amazon Frogbit is easily recognized for lily-like appearance, rounded leaves and bright green hue. This aquatic floater plant is great for use in nano planted tanks or in planted enclosures with lower water levels like paludariums. Frogbit is extremely beginner-friendly and requires minimal care, making it a great choice for new hobbyists. This listing comes with 5 individual pods.

What we like about Amazon Frogbit

Natural Habitat Enrichment: Amazon Frogbit provides a natural element and look to any planted setup. Frogbit is a wonderful choice for natural filtration and it helps to regulate excess nutrients in the water column by absorbing it through its robust root system. This aquatic floating plant also provides shade and coverage to reclusive aquatic species, improving comfort and well-being of livestock. 
Prolific Growth: Frogbit is known for its quick growth, making it easy to propagate and add to other aquarium setups.
Hardy Nature: Amazon Frogbit is extremely hardy and will adapt to a wide range of aquarium conditions, making it a fantastic choice for beginner aquarists or anyone looking for some added texture and character in the planted aquarium. 

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