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Plagiomnium Affine, more simply known as Pearl Moss, is an aquatic moss species that is characterized by its signature little round leaves that sprout from the main stem. Its foliage, like other mosses, is a beautiful green hue and this particular aquatic moss forms shoots that grow upright. The care for Pearl Moss is similar to that of other aquatic moss species, but requires a bit more care and patience. Pearl Moss is an extremely slow grower and quality aquarium lighting and CO2 injection are recommended as this aquatic moss seems to be more susceptible to algae growth. With consistent care and good aquarium tank conditions, Pearl Moss provides a natural look and helps to add a sense of maturity to planted aquarium tanks. It can be readily attached to aquarium dritwood or rocks, used to cover unnatural cuts in hardscape layout or simply stuffed into crevices. We recommend using it in a jungle or forest aquascape layout for additional character, depth, and contrast. 

Common Name Plagiomnium Cf. Affine
Care  Easy 
Lighting Low to Medium 
CO2 Recommended
Suggested Placement Attached to rock or wood
Propagation Cut or pull apart
Growth Rate Varies
Height Varies
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