Yokihi Medaka Rice Fish

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Medaka Rice Fish are one of our favorite hardy fish for planted aquariums and paludariums!
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Medaka Ricefish are a beautiful option for the planted aquarium. This species are fairly hardy and adapt well to different planted aquarium environments. They're a great option for planted tanks or paludariums, as well as indoor ponds as these fish are commonly viewed from a top-down view. The Yokihi Medaka Rice Fish has a peaceful temperament and should be housed in aquariums with other peaceful species or alone as a group of at least 6 fish. While not required, having a lid on the tank is recommended as the species does jump when spooked or water parameters are not optimal and frequently changing. Alternatively, the addition of floating aquatic plants will help provide extra coverage! The Rice Fish is omnivorous and will readily accept a varying diet of flake, pellet, live and frozen fish foods.

Tank size recommendation: 10G per school of 6 Rice Fish
If using tap, be sure to use a dechlorinator to ensure safety for your livestock.
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