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Water Conditioner
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Nitroactive by SL Aqua is a specialized formula comprised of nitrifying bacteria and protection additives. Failure to ensure an aquarium tank is properly cycled before adding livestock is the leading cause of fish death. Highly concentrated, Nitroactive Nitrifying Bacteria by SL Aqua aids in kickstarting the nitrogen cycle and establishing a healthy colony of beneficial bacteria in a planted aquarium tank making it safe to add in aquarium tank inhabitants at an earlier date. Using this product when setting up a new planted aquarium tank helps to rapidly and safely establish bio-filter also preventing notorious new tank syndrome. Added bacteria facilitate the breakdown of organic waste, ammonia and more making the aquarium tank safe for livestock sooner rather than later increasing planted aquarium tank enjoyment.

Supports a healthy ecosystem for aquarium tank inhabitants
Allows aquarium tank inhabitants to be introduced quicker

SL Aqua is a well-recognized aquarium goods company originating from Taiwan. Their range of aquarium tank goods intends to improve health and success within an aquarium ecosystem. Made from all natural products, SL Aqua's products produce minimal water pollution and results in a healthier aquarium tank. Over the years, SL Aqua products have gained recognition and trust of aquarium hobbyists worldwide for their simple to use and effective aquarium tank goods.


  • This product is safe for use within planted aquarium tanks and freshwater aquariums.
  • This product will not remove heavy metals and chlorine from the water source. To ensure tap water is safe for freshwater aquarium tanks, click here to learn more about SL Aqua Stabilizer Mineral+ Dechlorinator.
  • Instructions for use are outlined on the bottle.
  • Shelf life: 3 Years.

SL Aqua aquarium water liquid conditioner breakdown:
Liquid Benefits Usage
SL Aqua Stabilizer Mineral + Removes chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals Use immediately after water changes with tap water
SL Aqua Nitroactive Cycles a newly setup aquarium quickly with established bio bateria Use during the first 2 weeks - month of a newly setup freshwater or planted aquarium tank
SL Aqua Ps Bacteria Breaks down organic waste and build up such as Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites in established aquariums Use after every water change in freshwater or planted aquarium tanks that are older than 2 months
SL Aqua Aquavital Liquid vitamins for improved aquarium fish and livestock health and color Use as directed
SL Aqua GH Conditioner GH booster for RODI water users Increases GH levels for those who prefer to use RODI water in a freshwater or planted aquarium tank
SL Aqua Black Water Recreates a softer water enivronment for tropical freshwater fish such as Tetras, Barbs, Rasboras, Discus, Angelfish, Bettas, etc. Perfect for those looking to recreate natural biotope environments or to encourage tropical freshwater fish breeding. Will not harm aquatic plants. May tint water to a tea-like color.
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