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SL Aqua's Z1 Aquarium Bio Protector is a treatment intended to rid a planted aquarium tank of pesky planaria and hydra! Z1 by SL Aqua is made from all-natural plant extracts and will not affect water parameters or harm freshwater fish, shrimp and aquarium plants as long as the provided instructions are followed. Using Z1 by SL Aqua in combination with good aquarium tank cleaning practices will help ensure your planted tank stays free from pests!

Planaria are small off-white, worm-like creatures with a spade-shaped head. They are relatively small and are typically caused by poor tank maintenance, dirty substrate and excess nutrients in the water from overfeeding. While harmless, they are unsightly and can cause swings in water parameters if left to proliferate. 

Hydra is typically caused by cross-contamination and poor maintenance. Similar to jellyfish, Hydra's tentacle-like extremities possess stinging cells that allow Hydra to immobilize, kill and feed on smaller aquatic life such as shrimplets and even small nano fish. A Hydra has no brain, no circulatory or respiratory system, nor even any musculature, yet it poses a real danger to small freshwater aquarium livestock.


  • Do not use this product in an aquarium tank that contains ornamental snail species.
  • Treatment cycles last roughly 1 week. Do not change water or perform aquarium tank maintenance during this time.
  • Once treatments are done, please ensure that any killed planaria and hydra are removed to prevent spikes in water parameters. A 50% water change should be done following treatments.

Size: 10g

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