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IMPORTANT: We do our best to thoroughly clean and inspect all plants prior to shipment but cannot guarantee aquarium moss to be free from snails and/or algae. Not your thing? Please consider purchasing tissue culture aquarium plants! 

Tissue culture plants are cultivated in sterile lab settings ensuring your plant is free from pests, snails and algae! These are young specimen that are grown in emersed forms. Gel should always be removed prior to planting.

LIVE PLANTS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO STRESS AND DAMAGE FROM TRANSIT - This may appear in the form of minimal melt, cosmetic damage (such as browning), etc. Refunds or replacements will not be issued for moss with browning parts or portions that die out of our care.

Great for shrimp tanks and breeding setups!
Süsswassertang is versatile, hardy and wonderful for beginner aquarists.
This plant comes in a 2.5" cup.
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Subwassertang is an extremely popular aquatic plant commonly used in planted aquariums that resembles seaweed. Although this peculiar plant looks like a moss or liverwort, it is neither and is most closely related to Lomariopsis Lineata. Subwassertang is very hardy and will tolerate a wide range of aquarium parameters and water conditions. This bulletproof nature makes it a wonderful choice for beginner aquarists who are interested in keeping live plants for the first time. Subwassertang can be commonly spotted in shrimp tanks and breeding project tanks since it provides an ideal environment for young fry. Subwassertang is commonly confused for Monosolenium Tenerum aka Mini Pellia, due to a similar appearance and structure but can be distinguished by its slight transparency and darker tone. 

This aquatic plant exhibits similar growth to that of mosses and will self-attach to aquarium decor, stones and driftwood that provide a suitable foundation. Alternatively, it can be left free-floating and will eventually settle in random areas of the aquarium. Subwassertang is a slow-grower, but has the potential to grow out of control if placed in an aquarium with higher lighting, CO2 injection and nutrient dosing. 

Common Name Süsswassertang
Lomariopsis Lineata
Loma Fern
Round Pellia
Care  Easy 
Lighting Low to Medium 
CO2 Optional
Suggested Placement Attached to rock or wood
Propagation Cut or pull apart
Growth Rate Varies
Height Varies
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