Tonina Fluviatilis

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Tonina Fluviatilis is another aquatic plant species in the Tonina aquatic plant family. This specific species is a beautiful ornamental stem plant that is characterized by its bright green color, unique foliage, and slight shimmer when submerged in an planted aquarium tank. Similar to Tonina Belem, Tonina Fluviatilis prefers to be kept in soft water with a slightly acidic aquarium substrate. Belonging to the Eriocaulaceae family, Tonina species are not recommended for the beginner hobbyists and are considered an advanced aquatic plant choice in the planted tank hobby. Additional care requirements include, quality aquarium LED lighting, CO2 injection and an ample supply of macro and micronutrients. 

Because Tonina Fluviatilis's growth is moderate, other aquatic stem plant species have the potential to outgrow and cover the plant, resulting in a lack of light available. Propagation is simple and similar to other aquatic stem plants. You can simply cut off the shoots using clean aquascaping tools and replant the cut portion back into a quality substrate. 

This aquatic plant species requires patience and know-how to keep. If given optimal conditions, this aquatic plant is a beautiful addition to any planted aquarium tank and can most commonly be seen in Dutch Style planted aquariums and even Blackwater Biotopes. 

Common Name Tonina Fluviatilis
Care  Advanced 
Lighting High 
CO2 Required
Suggested Placement Background 
Propagation Trim and plant stems
Growth Rate Moderate
Height 3-7"

Our bunched stem plants are all kept and grown in 
high-quality substrate by Marfied Controsoil. A strict fertilizer dosing regime and CO2 are provided in their holding tanks.

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