Aquario Neo Cap Water Conditioner

Water Conditioner
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This product qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!
This product qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!

Aquario Neo Cap is comprised of several water conditioners in powdered form. Encapsulated in breakable pills, dosing is convenient, quick and pre-measured. This method for dosing is innovative and allows the user to address several topics concurrently without worry of chemical reactions that can potentially occur when using liquid products. Additionally, the Neo Cap series contains efficient and safe organic carbon that is found in most Aquario Neo liquid conditioners to support beneficial bacteria growth and colonization.

General Notes:
  • Do not add the entire pill when dosing. Each pill case should be discarded after adding the powder to the aquarium.
  • Intended for aquarium use only. Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Dosing instructions may vary and are outlined on each bottle.


Type Purpose
Effect & Usage

20 Capsules

Essential beneficial bacteria

 Beneficial bacteria and organic carbon

Perfect for: New planted aquariums that are currently cycling or as an addition to a recently rescaped layout in which substrate was replaced. Great for routine care purposes.

Dose Recommendation: 1 capsule per 15G every 3 days

20 Capsules


Promotes improved health and spawning

Perfect for: Breeding projects and supporting general livestock health.

Dose Recommendation: 1 capsule per 15G every 3 days


30 Capsules
Adds bacteria and decholrinates Ammonia, chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals removal

Perfect for: Great for routine care purposes or after aquarium maintenance.

Dose Recommendation: 1 capsule per 52G following maintenance

60 Capsules
Decholrinator Chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals removal

Perfect for: Aquarist who prefer to dose in powdered form rather than traditional liquids.

Dose Recommendation: 1 capsule per 52G following maintenance

20 Capsules
Feeds establishing bacteria colony Decomposes various pollutants, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate

Perfect for: Boosting an already established beneficial bacteria colony and decreasing likelihood of sudden ammonia spikes.

Dose Recommendation: 1 capsule per 15G every 3 days

20 Capsules
Starting bacteria colony Ammonia and heavy metal removal

Perfect for: Kickstarts aquarium cycling process and stabilizes the tank allowing livestock to be added sooner.

Dose Recommendation: 1 capsule per 15G every 3 days
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