ONF Flat ONE Plus LED Light

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Suitable for rimless aquariums up to 12mm thick glass only.
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The Flat One Plus LED light designed and produced by ONF is a beautiful piece of equipment that will light up a standard-sized aquarium tank perfectly. Constructed from simple materials, ONF's full line of aquarium tank LED lighting solutions features sleek appearance along with powerful technology to illuminate your next planted aquarium tank project. Enjoy customizable features such as easy control of color temperature, time on, and brightness levels. The ONF Flat One Plus LED Light offers a slow ramp up and ramp down to mimic the rise and setting of the sun for your planted aquarium livestock. After testing the ONF Flat ONE LED Aquarium Light for more than a year, we are confident in its quality of build and lighting output.

Below are the two models offered for the ONF Flat One Plus LED Aquarium Light System. Both units are capable and suitable for growing aquarium plants.

Yellow & White Model (3000-6500K):

  • Enjoy a 20% increase in overall brightness. The Yellow/white model is perfect for emulating the natural hues provided by the sun. Great for a freshwater planted aquarium and produces a cozy, natural feel. 

Blue & White Model (6500-20500K):

  • Enjoy a broader spectrum of lighting capability. The Blue/white model is perfect for use on both freshwater planted aquariums and saltwater aquarium tanks.

ONF Flat ONE BLUE WHITE LED Light shown on a rimless 17 gallon planted aquarium tank below:

ONF Flat ONE LED Light Planted Aquarium Comparison

Simple to install, the ONF Flat One Plus LED Light rests upon a rimless aquarium tank's rim securely. Introducing a collaboration between aesthetics and engineering, the ONF Flat One Plus LED Aquarium Tank Lighting solution features a sleek 3mm-thin aluminum unibody that increases the cooling rate while prolonging the product's longevity. Standard across all of the ONF aquarium tank lighting solutions, ONF's Flat One Plus LED Light provides
the optimal spectrum for lush aquatic plant growth and can be tailored to various species of aquatic plants and their respective light requirements. Color output is extremely vivid, allowing the myriad of hues produced by aquatic plants, freshwater fish and shrimp to shine bright and clear. ONF Flat One Plus is also suitable for any marine and reef hobbyists who are looking for a powerful lighting solution for a marine, coral and reef aquarium tank. 

ONF Flat ONE LED Aquarium Light Color Output and Comparison

Like all of their aquarium tank lighting solutions, ONF Flat One Plus features touch control capabilities and offer many benefits and customization such as adjusting brightness levels and color balance selection. The ONF Flat One Plus Led Aquarium tank light also features Bluetooth capabilities and is compatible with ONF's app that allows the user to control multiple settings AND multiple ONF Bluetooth-enabled LED lights through its Apple iOS or Android OS app. The app is very robust and many settings can be controlled remotely through the palm of one's hand. The smartphone app allows the user to control on and off timing, color rendition and brightness levels that are dependent upon aquatic plant choice within the planted aquarium tank. If the power goes out, the light will automatically restore itself to all its custom settings when powered back on within 24 hours. In addition, the light will ramp up and ramp down and will not abruptly turn on/off which means less shock to livestock.

ONF Flat ONE Plus LED Light Bluetooth App

Features and Specifications for ONF Flat One Led Light

LED Type: 120pcs (24") / 180pcs (36")
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz 
 (US power plug)
LED Lifetime: 50,000hrs
Dimmable: Yes 
(controllable through app and touch-sensitive buttons)
Bluetooth App: Yes

Model Dimensions (IN)
W x D x H
Power (WATTS) Luminous Flux Tank Recommendations

24.1 x 7.9 x 3.15

70 Blue White: 4,500

Yellow White: 5,600
Ultum Nature Systems 60S

Ultum Nature Systems 60U

Ultum Nature Systems 60A

35.9 x 7.9 x 3.15

90 Blue White: 6,500

Yellow White: 7,500
Ultum Nature Systems 90L

Ultum Nature Systems 90P

Ultum Nature Systems 90U
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