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Fluval Planted Aquarium Tank Glass Aqua


This tank was done on a time crunch! We participated in a local contest that involved putting together, planting and filling this tank on the spot within 4 hours. It might seem like a long time, but time flies when you’re under pressure. For that reason, a good amount of pre-planning went into this planted aquarium to ensure we were fully prepared to put it back together easily. First, we started by thinking of what look or environment we wanted to go for. Beach? Mountain? Hills? We decided that we wanted to do a tropical forest island type layout that would open out onto a beach. We took this from a recent hiking trip that we did where we moved through a forest and it eventually spit us out onto a beach. Next was selecting our hardscape. We used a few pieces of Spider Wood and Seiryu Stone. We wanted plants to droop over and create a distinction between forest and beach so we chose several species of aquatic stem plants to loop over for the background plants and picked out a variety of midground plants and moss to balance everything out.


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