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The creation of Island Paradise was done for our newest Betta Fish, Tadoe. Because we have so many aquarium tanks running already, we created this particular aquarium with space available in mind. Using a smaller sized 3 gallon nano aquarium tank, we wanted to create an aquascape layout that would provide a sense of depth but also be sure to provide our Betta Fish a proper environment in which he would thrive and be happy. Betta Fish generally need a nice amount of foliage with places to forage and hide. Keeping this in mind, we used a total of 8 different aquatic plant species that are low maintenance but also provide extensive coverage. For our hardscape, we used Pacific Wood Nano as it is generally a bit smoother and makes a great choice for our fragile finned Betta Fish friends. We used zip ties to bind the pieces together for extra stability.

As mentioned, we decided to use low maintenance aquatic plant species. We made sure to choose aquatic plant species such as Anubias, Bucephalandra, Bolbitis, Aquatic Moss as their care requirements would match our current busy lifestyle. We finished the look by adding some Phyllanthus Fluitans, more commonly known as Red Root Floaters, to the surface of his tank for added coverage, security and natural filtration. Although this tank is quite simple, it is easily becoming one of our favorites and we're excited to see how it grows over time.


TANK CAPACITY: 3 Gallon Nano
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