The Hillside

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Ultum Nature Systems Planted Nano Aquarium Tank Ultum Nature Systems Planted Nano Aquarium TankUltum Nature Systems Planted Nano Aquarium TankUltum Nature Systems Planted Nano Aquarium TankUltum Nature Systems Planted Nano Aquarium Tank


While larger sized aquarium tanks provide you plenty of space to implement creative aquascaping layout ideas, smaller nano aquarium tanks challenge you to think outside of the box. With limited space, choosing and even finding the correct sizes and pieces of aquascaping rocks or stones can be difficult! In this planted aquarium tank layout, a simple triangular aquascape formation was chosen. Pieces of hardscape were carefully chosen and stacked strategically to produce a natural looking hillside that one might see when traveling through untouched parts of natural environments around the world.

We chose Hemianthus Callitrichoides AKA Dwarf Baby Tears as a singular foreground aquatic plant as its tiny leaves would pair well with the Ultum Nature Systems 5N nano aquarium tank. Cryptocoryne Parva was placed sporadically around the base of smaller stones to mix up textures and discourage a “perfect carpet” as this isn’t commonly seen in nature. As pond style aquarium tanks are currently trending, we decided to keep the waterline lowered to help encourage emergent aquatic plant growth in the background area. Our background aquatic plant choices consist of a mixture of grass like aquatic plants such as Isoetes Velata Var. Sicula, Helanthium Tenellum and Lilaeopsis Mauritiana to produce a chaotically minimal planted aquarium tank. The majority of the aquatic plants used were tissue culture plants to help ensure absolute health from initial start up.


TANK CAPACITY: 5 Gallon Nano
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