Alocasia Dragon Scale 

House Plant
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IMPORTANT: This listing is for the Tissue Culture form of this plant. Tissue culture plants are cultivated in sterile lab settings ensuring your plant is free from pests, snails and algae! These are young specimen that are grown in emersed forms. Care and survival of this plant species is the buyer's responsibility. We are not responsible for plants that do not make it due to improper care or negligence. Gel should be removed prior to planting in desired growing medium.

LIVE PLANTS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO STRESS AND DAMAGE FROM TRANSIT - This may appear in the form of minimal melt, leaf loss, cosmetic damage, etc. Refunds or replacements will not be issued for plants with viable root systems or that die out of our care.

Alocasia Dragon Scale, formerly known as Alocasia Baginda, is another jewel Alocasia in the family. This popular houseplant is well-known for its striking foliage that resembles dragon scales. This rare houseplant's main color is a velvety silver-green that offers a luminous glow amongst a collection of house plants. Alocasia Dragon Scale is beautiful at all sizes and given its affinity for tight spaces, makes it suitable for terrariums or similar enclosed setups. Care is similar to other species of Alocasia and include a well-aerated growing medium, higher humidity levels between 60-80% and bright, indirect light. Fertilizer may be given sparingly and watering should only be performed when the soil is dry. An important note to take away is this rare house plant's sensitivity to transport. Frequent repotting and/or movement should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. Even so, Alocasia Dragon Scale will show stress signs when disrupted but should bounce back fairly quick provided the mother plant is well cared for and healthy.

It's important to not overwater Alocasia and erring on the side of underwatering is better between the two. Humidity can be increased via use of a humidifier or pebble tray. Alternatively, placing your plant near a planted aquarium will help as well! Lack of humidity may cause brown edges and drying leaves. This can result in increased stress levels and will make Alocasia more susceptible to illness, disease and pests. It should be noted that Alocasia cannot be propagated via cuttings and must be propagated via bulbs produced at the base of the mother plant. A rare and beautiful house plant, Alocasia Baginda Dragon Scale is mildly toxic and care should be taken if being placed in a home with household pets or children.

Common Name

Alocasia Dragon Scale
Jewel Alocasia
Alocasia Baginda

Care Moderate
Lighting Bright Indirect
Propagation Bulb
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
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