Aquario Starter Fertilizer Kit

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Get this Aquarium fertilizer starter combo to use the same fertilizer regime as us!

Starting a planted aquarium tank can be a challenging process simply due to the fact that all aquariums need to be in balance in order to thrive and start maturing. During this time, there is a likely chance that unsightly algae may appear. In order to minimize this occurrence without sacrificing the needs of aquatic plants, we have tested and recommended this liquid fertilizer combo.

The main benefit of this Aquario liquid fertilizer combo is that there are absolutely no algae inducing elements. Adding to a planted tank may speed up aquatic plant growth, but they are not needed in the initial stages of a planted aquarium. Trace amounts of Nitrogen and Phosphorus can already be found in standard aquarium substrates, aquasoil and livestock waste. In addition, both elements are not additionally required in low light planted tank conditions as livestock waste byproduct is enough for aquatic plants with less demanding requirements. However, Nitrogen and Phosphorus will be needed once the nutrients from the substrate has been depleted for high demanding stem plants.

Aquario Liquid Fertilizer Set Includes:
Aquario Neo Solution K (Potassium)
Aquario Neo Solution 2 (Micronutrients)

Aquario Neo Solution is a full liquid fertilizer line designed for all planted aquarium tanks. The addition of liquid fertilizers to a planted aquarium tank can be for many reasons such as for general use, in response to decreased aquarium plant growth, combating specific aquatic plant ailments and increasing aquarium plant growth as needed for a specific look. Having healthy aquatic plants not only promotes a healthy ecosystem and looks good, but it also reduces chances for unsightly algae growth as planted aquarium algae types are typically opportunistic and will only appear when plant growth declines or little effort is made in regard to routine maintenance. Neo Solution liquid fertilizers for planted aquarium tanks can be used in conjunction with each other or separately to provide the results needed for a specific setup.

SOLUTION K: Potassium
SOLUTION 2: Iron, Boron, Molybdenum, Calcium and other essential micro elements, amino-acid and humic acid (general micronutrients)
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