Cryptocoryne Wendtii Sindoor Tissue Culture

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IMPORTANT: Our aquarium plants may vary in growth forms. Because of this, please understand how to properly transition and acclimate plant(s) into desired form(s). We do our best to thoroughly clean and inspect all plants prior to shipment but cannot guarantee lead bunch or potted plants to be free from snails and/or algae. Not your thing? Please consider purchasing tissue culture aquarium plants! 

Tissue culture plants are cultivated in sterile lab settings ensuring your plant is free from pests, snails and algae! These are young specimen that are grown in emersed forms. Gel should always be removed prior to planting.

LIVE PLANTS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO STRESS AND DAMAGE FROM TRANSIT - This may appear in the form of minimal melt, leaf loss, cosmetic damage, etc. Refunds or replacements will not be issued for plants with viable root systems or that die out of our care.

Cryptocoryne Wendtii Sindoor is a new variety of Cryptocoryne derived from Cryptocoryne Wendtii Brown. Like other lab-created Cryptocoryne plants, Crypt Wendtii Sindoor was carefully monitored to ensure a stable mutation that produces a more consistent color and form. Cryptocoryne Wendtii Sindoor features a deep maroon hue that may include shades of lighter red, pink, green and brown. It is a suitable aquatic plant for midground placement in an aquascape layout. Care is assumed to be similar to other forms of Cryptocoryne Wendtii and include a nutritious aquarium substrate, low to moderate lighting and CO2 injection, if possible.

Cryptocoryne species are known for their sensitivity to newly cycled tanks and drastic parameter changes. To reduce chances of Crypt melt, allow Wendtii Sindoor to establish a strong root system in a mature planted aquarium before attempting propagation or movement of the plant. Once established, propagate by gently separating plantlets from the mother plant and replanting into the soil. 

Common Name Cryptocoryne Wendtii Sindoor
Wendtii Sreepadma Sindoor
Wendtii Pink
Water Trumpet
Care Easy to Moderate
Lighting Low to Moderate
CO2 Recommended
Suggested Placement Foreground
Propagation Separate and Replant
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
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