Hakkai Stone

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Hakkai Stone, also known as Pa-Hai Stone, is a beautiful aquarium tank hardscape choice. Featuring deep coloration with tones of blue, grey and green, Hakkai Stone comes packed with character and interesting shapes. Sometimes referred to as Bug Stone as well, Hakkai stone features areas of natural erosion along with a smooth feel that makes it contrast well with bright green aquarium plants such as Eleocharis choices and other grass-type aquatic plants. Due to its smooth river rock feel, Hakkai Stone is also a wonderful choice for livestock that has sensitive or fragile fins such as Betta Splendens.

Below is a UNS 90L 20 gallon long planted aquarium tank with 100+lbs of Hakkai Stone: 
Hakkai Stone Pahai Stone Planted Aquarium Aquascaping Rock

We recommend using this aquarium stone for creating unique riverscapes and pairing it with softer, wispy aquatic plant choices such as Dwarf Hair Grass, Utricularia Graminifolia, Blyxa Japonica, Potamogeton Gayi and more. Hakkai or Pahai Stone is still relatively rare in the planted tank hobby as natural erosion takes time to produce that classic look that is so highly coveted. Hakkai Stone is also extremely dense so we recommend increasing the amount ordered if multiple pieces are needed. 

How many pounds do I need?
We advise 2 x Tank volume in gallons = Total amount of pounds required

** Please note that this is the normal rule of thumb. Hakkai Stone is very dense and will weigh more when compared to other stone choices. We recommend increasing the amount ordered, if possible, to receive a larger variety of stones. **

TIP 1: Soaking stones in muriatic acid will provide a darker shade of color.
TIP 2: Hakkai Stone is inert and will not change water chemistry!

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