Hikari Vibra Bites Tropical Fish Food

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Why we love and recommend this:
Unique worm-like form that fish will immediately recognize
Healthier and safer alternative to live blood worms
Comes packed color and growth-enhancing ingredients

One of our favorites! All our aquarium fish go crazy for this innovative tropical fish food by Hikari. Hikari Vibra Bites is a wonderful choice for tropical fish who typically prefer live food. Packed with nutritional value, Hikari Vibra Bites encourages improved immune systems and increased coloration. The food has a worm-like shape for easy recognition and promotes excellent growth and form in tropical livestock. It's slow sinking ability combined with it's worm-like appearance make this food irresistible to small tropical fish like Tetras and Rasboras to even Discus and Angelfish. Hikari food is free of parasites and harmful bacteria, ensuring freshness and is a cost-effective way to aid in ensuring optimal health for your fish.

Size: 1.23 oz

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