UNS Nimbus

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Perfect for hybrid planted setups or enclosed terrariums and vivariums!
Provides increased humidity levels to prevent plants from drying out.

Nimbus by Ultum Nature Systems is a smart misting device designed to emulate ideal climate for tropical plant species and emersed aquatic plant species. Nimbus emits a fine mist to increase humidity levels and features programming capabilities to ensure stable conditions are maintained. Intervals, duration and frequency can be customized to meet the care requirements of the plants and animals kept in the enclosure. Clips shown in third product photo are not included and must be purchased separately.

What we like about the Ultum Nature Systems Nimbus:
Sleek design 
Easy setup and maintenance
Interval, duration and frequency programming

Color: Frost/White

Nimbus Device
2 10M Tubing
4x Spray Nozzles
2 T Connectors & L Connectors
2 Nozzle Plugs
10 Tubing Clamps
Cable Ties
Tube Cutter
Power Supply

Model Specifications

Reservoir Volume (GALLONS) Number of Spray Nozzles
Max Number of Spray Nozzles
Tank Recommendations
9.84 x 9.84 x 14.96 IN 3.17G 4
Ultum Nature Systems 30C

Ultum Nature Systems 40C

Ultum Nature Systems 45U

Ultum Nature Systems 60U

Ultum Nature Systems 60S

Ultum Nature Systems 60L

Ultum Nature Systems 90B

Additional Specifications:
-Operating Temperature: 40-102F
- Ambient Humidity: 80%
- Weight: 8.16LB
- Power: AC220V 50Hz
- Power Consumption: 20W
- Build: ABS & PC

About Ultum Nature Systems

Ultum Nature Systems strives to provide industry leading, premium grade aquarium goods with the everyday hobbyist in mind. Versatile and sleek, their innovatively designed aquariums are the perfect canvas and groundwork for all styles of aquarium keeping from planted to marine and reef aquariums. The rest of the catalog features artistic yet user-friendly essential items to compliment and promote the success of a healthy ecosystem. Ultum Nature Systems offers a variety of aquatic plant species, CO2 accessories, substrate, hardscape material, fertilizers and more.

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