UNS Titan 1 Power Supply

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Titan 1 by Ultum Nature Systems is a premium planted aquarium LED lighting solution. It is a beautiful, high-rendering RBG LED system for planted aquarium tanks that will light up an aquascape with unparalleled views of aquatic plants and freshwater fish and shrimp species.

Equipped with 200 of the latest technology RGB LED bulbs and an output of 90 watts, Titan 1 by Ultum Nature Systems provides the optimal spectrum necessary for growing lush and healthy aquatic plants while intensifying the myriad of hues found in a planted aquarium tank that is displayed by freshwater fish, shrimp, and aquatic plants. With a wide body design, Ultum Nature System’s Titan 1 is able to provide a uniform spread of light to an entire planted aquarium tank. This ensures that all aquatic plants are able to absorb light efficiently and effectively, promoting even and healthy growth.

Ultum Nature Systems Titan 1 RGB Planted Aquarium Tank LED Light

Coming in at a mere 5.3LBs, Titan 1 also sports lightweight and slim measurements while remaining a powerful unit, making it suitable to hang from a fixture or ceiling. It’s paired with a reinforced waterproof wire that is unobtrusive to the eye while establishing a safe, secure power supply to the main lighting unit. Available in brushed black aluminum and brushed silver aluminum, both colorways are an eye-catching finish that's sure to complement interior design within the home while fusing seamlessly with a planted aquarium tank and providing an essential contribution to the health and success of a nature aquarium tank.

Ultum Nature Systems Titan 1 RGB Planted Aquarium Tank LED Light

Each unit is built with precision using high-grade materials such as aircraft grade aluminum guaranteeing beautiful aesthetic, durability and product longevity that is suitable for everyday use. Modernly designed with purposefully exposed heat dissipation fins, Titan 1 allows for maximum airflow ensuring the aquarium tank below remains at a stable temperature. With efficient heat dissipation and LED technology, Ultum Nature System's Titan 1 emanates minimal heat when compared to dated lighting sources such as metal halides and can be boasted as an energy saving unit.
Ultum Nature Systems Titan 1 RGB Planted Aquarium Tank LED Light Specifications

There are many advantages of utilizing an RGB wavelength for a freshwater planted aquarium tank. An optimal spectrum ensures that all colors found in a planted tank are highlighted equally and evenly. Red wavelengths are meant to brighten red toned aquatic plant species such as Ludwigias, Rotalas and Alternanthera species. This also applies to boldly colored freshwater shrimp and fish! With green being one of the most important colors in achieving an ethereal underwater world, green wavelengths are essential for enhancing the green seen in most aquatic plants. Last but certainly not least, blue wavelengths help to encourage the onset of photosynthesis in aquatic plants and aid in producing the appearance of crystal clear water.

Ultum Nature Systems Titan 1 RGB LED Light Specifications

One unit will illuminate a 60-90CM aquarium tank beautifully. For aquarium tanks larger, two or more units are advised to ensure that all aquatic plants receive sufficient lighting. The recommended hanging height is at least 12 inches above an aquarium tank and the suspension wires included are 38 inches long.

Ultum Nature Systems Titan 1 RGB Planted Aquarium Tank LED Light

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