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We recommend pairing this item with our Wabi Kusa Planted Tank Starter Kit!

Admire Wabi Kusa and want one of your own but not sure which aquarium plants to use? We're excited to now offer the Wabi Kusa Mystery Plant Bag! Hand-selected by our team, we've chosen a mixture of aquarium plants that grow well in emersed conditions, provide different textures, transition smoothly and are relatively hardy in nature. Try your hand at creating your own Wabi Kusa with our Wabi Kusa Mystery Plant Bag! 

Wabi Kusa Planted Aquarium Tank Kit

Wabi Kusa Mystery Plant Bag Includes
1x Randomly Selected Echinodorus Aquatic Plant
2x Randomly Selected Aquarium Moss
1 Randomly Selected Potted Plant
1 Randomly Selected Bunched Stem Plant

Wabi Kusa is a recent trend within the aquascaping community. Presenting a new challenge, Wabi Kusa calls for the growth of aquarium plants in their emersed forms. Designed to allow even the most space-challenged households to participate and become active in the art of aquatic plant keeping, Wabi Kusa typically involves various aquarium plant species, a nutritious base and a simple glass container for holding and displaying the creation. Our Wabi Kusa Mystery Plant Bag contains select, but random aquarium plants that are fit to thrive in a Wabi Kusa style setting. Aquarium plants chosen are suitable for growing in emersed conditions and are hardy during the transition phase so long as correct care is provided.

Wabi Kusa Planted Aquarium Tank

What is Wabi Kusa?
Wabi Kusa does not have a literal translation but alludes to the creation of a tangible item that envokes a natural feeling through an aesthetic, imperfectly beautiful arrangement of plants.  In simpler terms, a Wabi Kusa is typically a ball of nutritious aquarium soil compacted together and adorned by aquarium plants. The finished Wabi Kusa is then placed into the container of choice and allowed to grow naturally with little disturbance as nature intends. 

Why We Love Wabi Kusa:
Wabi Kusa is relatively easy to care for and require a minimal amount of maintenance.
A great choice for those with limited space! Wabi Kusa setups are easy to move and typically on the smaller side. Rearrange your space without worrying about dealing with wires and equipment that comes with planted aquarium tanks.
Wonderful way to introduce the art of aquatic plant keeping to beginner aquarists. Wabi Kusa will attract even terrestrial plant lovers!
It can be transitioned back to submerged form for an instant aquascape piece. 
Wabi Kusa should be kept in a sealed container to trap moisture and humidity. Air out and allow essential gas exchange to occur by opening the container once per day for 5-10 minutes. 


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