Add Character To Your Space Featuring Redfin

Freshwater planted aquariums and aquariums in general are a unique display piece suitable for all types of homes and spaces. No matter the size, there is a perfect aquarium for anyone interested in adding an interactive piece to their decor. Aquariums have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and contribute to improved mental health for individuals of all ages.

Glass Aqua Planted Aquarium Tank

Keeping an aquarium isn’t as daunting as one might think. The formula to a successful aquarium is simple! Most aquariums will require at least a 30% water change once a week. Aquariums and fishkeeping can definitely be looked at from a scientific approach, but we don’t believe in constantly dosing aquarium chemicals or performing the tedious task of testing water parameters in mini vials. Instead, we focus on the livelihood and condition of fish and plants to let us know what is needed.

Glass Aqua Planted Aquarium Tank

For the most part, many hobbyists use tap water straight from the faucet for aquariums. This is standard and we do it as well. The only difference is ensuring the water is treated with a dechlorinator prior to adding the water to any aquarium. This single step is often overlooked, yet will drastically change the condition of many aquariums. There is no need for any specialized water or equipment otherwise. 

If you are interested in this hobby, our best advice is to keep it simple from the beginning. Refrain from overwhelming yourself or your aquarium inhabitants with a plethora of equipment or chemicals. The basics that are needed to start any aquarium are as follows:

  • An aquarium that fits your space and personal preference
  • A reliable aquarium filter
  • An appropriate aquarium LED light fixture 
  • Fish of your choosing (there are hundreds, if not thousands, of livestock available for all aquarium sizes and types, all fish have tank size requirements. Most local fish stores can provide this information.)
  • Live plants! (We suggest starting with the numerous beginner-friendly plants such as Java Fern, Anubias, and various aquatic moss species.)

We encourage you to just get started and let your imagination swim wild. Scientific studies have shown that aquariums reduce stress, contribute to improved mental health, overall well-being, sleep and more for individuals of all ages. Creativity is limitless in the aquarium world and adding an interactive natural display that contributes to both your health and home has never been easier.

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