POND - Nature In A Cup

POND by Glass Aqua is an all-in-one aquatic planter kit that is not only budget-friendly but easy to maintain. They offer an easy introduction to the hobby and let you dip your toes before diving in, so to speak. No need to worry about what you'll need because the kit includes all items necessary to get started. Here's what's included:

  • Glass Aqua 600ML Glass Cup
  • 3 rocks
  • 2 packets of aquarium substrate
  • 1 packets bag of natural sand
  • 5 species of aquatic plants. (not pictured as plants are chosen randomly and freshly packed with each order)
  • 1 20ml bottle of complimentary fertilizer. (to help kickstart and nurture the POND after shipping)

Glass Aqua POND Cup Kit

After receiving your kit, there are simple guidelines for setting up your POND and the rest is up to your creative discretion. Whatever your preference, just scape, plant, fill with water and watch your POND grow in a matter of days. Once you're finished, we'd love to see photos of your initial setup and progress photos too!

Watch the video below to watch us unbox and set up one of our own POND kits. 

For a quick comparison, the photo below shows the progress of the POND that was featured in the video above after 3 weeks of growth in indirect sunlight. We only performed simple water changes every 2 days. 

Glass Aqua POND Aquatic Planter Cup Kit

We've received an overwhelming amount of support. both beginners and advanced hobbyists alike enjoy POND for its simplicity and low maintenance. POND is our take on a small introduction to planted aquariums and a different approach to bringing nature into the home. Take a look at the gallery below to see other planted variations of POND.
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