Aquario Neo Media

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Neo Media by Aquario is a high-quality filter media that is constructed at high temperatures with natural materials sourced in Korea. Using advanced technology, Aquario's Neo Media provides fine, yet unobstructed large pores within the filter medium allowing a variety of beneficial bacteria to live and thrive. The generous space aids in smooth water flow and allows sufficient nutrients and oxygen to reach beneficial aquarium bacteria. This results in a thriving bacterial ecosystem inside of the Neo Media, keeping filtration cycles stable through thorough filtration and media longevity. Neo Media by Aquario goes through a grueling 5 step manufacturer process in order to produce high-quality aquarium tank filter media and is available in three different forms, making it suitable for any aquarium tank. 


  • Gently rinse with clean water 2-3 times.
  • Do NOT wash excessively.
  • PH changes can vary depending upon water source and objects inside the tank.
  • NEO Media requires routine cleaning as do other filter media. 
  • Natural materials used results in varying shape and sizes. 
  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets.


Media Type pH Recommendations
SOFT Slightly acidic  NEO Media SOFT has its own slight acidity.
Recommended for slightly acidic environments.  Perfect for: aquatic plants, shrimp, and tropical fish species such as Tetras, Rasboras, Angel Fish, Discus, Gourami, Bettas etc.

NOTE: Formulated with dormant bacteria for quick aquarium cycling.
PURE Neutral 

NEO Media PURE is a true neutral filter medium and has little effect on pH. Will not raise the pH of an acidic aquarium tank and will not lower the pH of an alkaline aquarium tank. Perfect for: all aquarium tanks and inhabitants.

HARD Alkaline NEO Media HARD has an alkaline nature.
Ideal for alkaline environments such as aquarium tanks containing brackish fish, African Cichlids, and marine life or corals.

NOTE: Formulated with dormant bacteria for quick aquarium cycling.
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