Ultum Nature Systems Controsoil

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Our recommended substrate choice for beginners!
Controsoil is available in various bag, granule sizes and colors to accommodate user preference and aquatic plant choice.
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Choosing a quality substrate is an essential part of a nature aquarium as it provides vital nutrients for lush plant growth and helps balance water properties by decreasing the hardness/pH for optimal levels for aquatic plants, shrimp, and most tropical fish.

Originating in Japan, Ultum Nature Systems x Marfied Controsoil consists of high-quality natural soil and volcanic ash. It’s common for competing substrates to cause ammonia levels to spike. While this helps “jump start” a tank and promotes plant growth; it is toxic to livestock and can cause unsightly algae during the initial stages of an aquarium setup. Controsoil provides the perfect level of nutrients without excess. Many have successfully added livestock within the first 24 hours of a newly set up tank with this substrate without worry. We do however suggest making sure that ammonia and nitrites are eliminated before adding livestock.

Why we like UNS Controsoil:

No rinsing required
No excessive nutrient leeching means little to no algae growth
Buffers water to slightly acidic pH for better aquatic plant nutrient consumption environment
Suitable for all freshwater inhabitants such as tropical fish and shrimp that prefer slightly acidic aquarium water
Comes in 3 different granule sizes that provide optimal oxygen exchange and rich nutrients for aquatic plant roots
2 different color choices available

How much Ultum Nature Systems x  Marfied Controsoil do I need?
The general rule of thumb is one 3L bag per 5 gallons or one 10L bag per 20 gallons 
One 10L bag will fill a UNS Standard 60U Glass Aquarium with approximately 2” of substrate

[Tank Length x Tank Depth x Desired Substrate Height (inches)] / 60 = Total liters of Controsoil required

What's the difference between Ultum Nature Systems x Marfied Controsoil Normal and Extra Fine?
Extra Fine features smaller granules of soil which is beneficial for plants with shorter and less developed roots which is common with foreground plants. Our recommended granule size for aquatic plants such as Micranthemum 'Monte Carlo’, Hemianthus Callitrichoides ‘Cuba' and other similar sized plants.

Ultum Nature Systems Marfied Controsoil Planted Tank Substrate Soil

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