Hemigraphis Repanda Dragon's Tongue Easy Beginner Live Plant for Terrarium Paludarium or Vivarium

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This listing is for one Hemigraphis Repanda Dragon’s Tongue grown in a 1.5-2” netted pot. Sizing can vary. This plant can be placed into your terrarium, paludarium or vivarium. Please understand how to properly care for Hemigraphis Repanda prior to purchase to ensure best chances of success. We do our best to ensure plants are healthy and clean prior to shipping, but we always encourage quarantine whenever possible with all new introductions and cannot guarantee plants to be 100% free from any pest.

More about Hemigraphis Repanda Dragon’s Tongue:
Dragon's Tongue is a beautiful plant that offers good texture and bold color to terrariums, paludariums and vivarium style setups. This plant is not aquatic and should not be submerged, but it is relatively hardy and undemanding with care. Its interesting appearance, color, and texture make it a great addition to dish gardens, terrariums and more. Average growth for Hemigraphis Repanda Dragon's Tongue is around 6" in height and around a foot in width with optimal conditions.

Dragon's Tongue does best in medium to high lighting. It will tolerate low lighting, but this may reduce the vibrancy of colors and the plant will put out more green leaves rather than purple. Growth will become leggier and not as compact/robust.

Lighting: medium
Growth Rate: slow to moderate
*The photo is a representation of the plant you will receive. Each live plant will vary in size, shape and color. It is normal for the plant to be stressed after shipping! This may be present in the form of leaf loss, browning or other cosmetic damage and does not make a plant eligible for replacement or DOA claim. However, if you have any concerns, ALWAYS take photos upon delivery and send them to us right away so we can help out however possible! We will happily cover plants that arrive DOA, but we cannot provide replacements for plants that die out of our care.*
Benefits of keeping plants:
- A large variety of species, shapes and sizes.
- Plants are proven to improve mood and assist with better focus.

All live plants are shipped with priority rates to ensure quick arrival and healthy plants.
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