CO2 Inline Atomizer Diffuser

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Our recommended choice for hidden hardware
Also perfect for maximum CO2 diffusion in aquarium tank sizes 50 gallons and larger
Can be completely disassembled for ease of maintenance

This inline aquarium tank CO2 diffuser features quality build material, simple design, and beautiful functionality. Inline CO2 aquarium tank diffusers are built to be discrete and lessen the amount of visible equipment within a planted aquarium tank, optimizing the viewer's experience. This inline aquarium tank CO2 diffuser is meant to be installed outside of a planted aquarium by connecting the diffuser to the outflow tubing of an external canister filter. Installation is quick, but care should be taken to ensure it is connected to the outflow tubing. Connecting it to the inflow has the potential to harm canister filters by trapping CO2 gas bubbles in the canister filter and motor. Once installed, this inline aquarium tank CO2 diffuser provides extremely fine microbubbles of CO2 and will be readily absorbed by aquatic plants encouraging lush and healthy growth. Built to last, this inline CO2 diffuser can be completely taken apart easily for routine cleaning and replacement parts are available to ensure increased longevity and use. Best of all, these inline diffusers pair well with all of our Dymax aquarium lily pipe options!


  • M1 Fits: 12/16MM (1/2" and 13MM) filter tubing
  • M2 Fits: 16/22MM (5/8" and 17MM) filter tubing


  • Cleaning can be done carefully by allowing the diffuser to soak in 3 parts water and 1 part bleach. DO NOT scrub the ceramic ring.
  • This inline CO2 diffuser requires a minimum of 30 psi working pressure.
  • Pair with pressure proof tubing only. Do not use it in combination with weaker tubing material. Doing so has the potential to burst. 
  • Avoid touching the ceramic and handle the diffuser gently when installing.

TIP: Keep a spare ceramic ring! When performing maintenance for the original one, it's possible to simply swap it out for the spare to ensure CO2 supply is consistent and without any downtime.

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