Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis

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Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis is a wonderful choice for aquarists looking for a low-maintenance carpeting aquarium plant for the foreground of a planted aquarium tank. Similar to Lilaeopsis Novaezelandiae, better known as Micro Sword, Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis is another species that offers very compact growth and a short height that creates the coveted "lawn effect". Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis offers a rich green hue and is quite forgiving of neglect. This aquarium plant does not require CO2 injection or extremely high lighting but will grow much quicker and more compact when provided with it. Its small size makes it the perfect choice for all planted aquarium tank sizes! To propagate, simply snip along the runners with quality aquascaping tools and replant into quality, nutrient-dense aquarium soil. 

Common Name Micro Sword
Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
Care  Easy to Moderate 
Lighting Low to Medium 
CO2 Recommended
Suggested Placement Foreground 
Propagation Trim and plant runners
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
Height 1-3"

Tissue culture aquarium plants are grown in-vitro by laboratories who specialize in propagating aquatic plants. There is a huge selection of plant species that have been propagated this way. This is truly the best option for those who want absolutely zero unwanted pests, algae and pesticides. This makes them perfect for shrimp keepers and any planted tank enthusiasts alike.

NOTE: It is important to remove the tissue culture agar gel before planting. Simply wash the gel away, divide, and plant.

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