Ludwigia Sedioides

Aquatic Plants
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This plant is HIGHLY susceptible to losing some or all of its leaves during transit. If the stem is healthy but does not have leaves, it is NOT eligible for DOA claims. Ludwigia Sedioides will happily re-grow if provided with the correct environment.

Ludwigia Sedioides, commonly known as Mosaic Plant or Floating Ludwigia is a beautiful floating aquatic plant that is found in freshwater indoor or outdoor ponds. However, if provided with the optimal conditions, it can thrive in a planted aquarium tank also. Ludwigia Sedioides features striking foliage that is highly dependent upon the environment in which it is kept. When provided with tropical temperatures, soft water parameters, and high-quality aquarium LED lighting, Mosaic Plant sports bold red leaves with a slightly serrated edge that fans out from its central radius onto the aquarium tank's surface in an intricate pattern. On the latter side, Ludwigia Sedioides can also have varying color tones that include a mix of green and red shades. 

This aquatic plant is typically found in outdoor ponds and will flower seasonally. Ludwigia Sedioides must be planted in high-quality aquarium soil to provide an additional source of nutrients. Being kept in pond-like environments commonly, Ludwiga Sedioides is partial to more stagnant waters and should be kept in an aquarium tank with a gentle flow to prevent it from being tossed around too much. When using Mosaic Plant, care should also be taken to consider additional aquatic plant choices as Ludwigia Sedioides will inevitably shade all aquatic plants within the aquarium tank from lighting. Regular pruning will also be required as Ludwigia Sedioides is known to grow at a quick pace if optimal conditions are present. 

Floating and lily-like aquatic plants are beneficial to planted aquarium tanks as they help absorb excess nutrients within the water column. Ludwigia Sedioides is also known to provide a safe haven for smaller fish and shrimp species. Like all aquatic plants, Ludwigia Sedioides will do best in an aquarium tank that has clean water, good aquarium lighting, CO2 injection and a nutrient dense aquarium soil. Bolder coloration can be achieved by dosing premium planted aquarium tank fertilizers such as Tropica Liquid Fertilizer. As mentioned, this aquatic plant can grow quite large and is best suited for larger sized aquarium tanks. 

Common Name
Mosaic Plant
False Loosestrife
Floating Ludwigia
Care  Easy 
Lighting Medium to High
CO2 Recommended
Suggested Placement Background 
Propagation Divide and plant
Growth Rate Moderate 
Height 7-25"

Our plants are all kept and grown in 
high-quality substrate by Marfied Controsoil. A strict fertilizer dosing regime and CO2 are provided in their holding tanks.

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