Monstera Thai Constellation - Bare Root

House Plant
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IMPORTANT: This listing includes a juvenile specimen that will be shipped bare root. Care and survival of this plant are the buyer's responsibility. We are not responsible for plants that do not make it due to improper care or negligence.

LIVE PLANTS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO STRESS AND DAMAGE FROM TRANSIT - This may appear in the form of minimal melt, leaf loss, cosmetic damage, etc. Refunds or replacements will not be issued for plants that die out of our care or plants that have viable root systems but have sustained minimal damage due to transit.

Monstera Thai Constellation is a popular variation of its parent plant, Monstera Deliciosa. This particular variation was created in a lab and offers beautiful variegated color with shades ranging from green, mint, cream, off-white and more. Widely loved for its classic leaf shape and fenestratration, Monstera Thai Constellation leaves resemble a galaxy, hence its given name. Like other tropical Aroids, Monstera Thai Con is highly sought after and can be difficult to obtain due to its slower growing habits and high demand in the rare aroid collectors community. These large variegated aroids are generally hardy and aren't too finicky with care requirements, but will appreciate a well-aerated growing medium, increased humidity levels and bright, filtered lighting. Because the variegated color is due to lack of chlorophyll, the plant has to work twice as hard to photosynthesize so lower lighting conditions aren't ideal. Monstera Thai Constellations are commonly compared to the Monstera Albo Borsigiana but variegation varies slightly and includes more shade varieties. Thai Constellations are arguably larger when mature as well. Variegation is random and each leaf produced is different, making this a stunning and unique house plant. Propagation can be done via cuttings or air-layering, but a viable node or root must be present for the plant to reproduce.

Monstera are known for being able to grow quite large, so while this listing is for a juvenile plant, space should be kept in mind as Monstera can grow upwards of 20 feet or 6M. In the wild, Monstera are fantastic climbers and will appreciate a sturdy moss pole to climb on and traverse. Depending on the conditions, Monstera Thai Constellation will grow at moderate speeds, but can become dormant if its needs are not met. Humidity should be kept around a comfortable 60%, minimum and if possible, Monstera Thai Constellations should be kept away from drafts and cold areas in the home. Pruning does not need to be frequent, but older leaves or foliage with visible damage can be removed to encourage new growth.

Common Name

Monstera Thai Con
Monstera Thai Constellation

Care Easy
Lighting Bright, indirect
Propagation Cuttings
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
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