Nesaea Crassicaulis

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Nesaea Crassicaulis is a beautiful aquatic stem plant that features a striking color palette when grown in optimal planted aquarium tank conditions. Similar to other species in the same family, Nesaea Crassicaulis also requires a good amount of quality aquarium LED lighting along with CO2 injection and more specific water parameters to promote lush, boldly colored growth. These factors make this aquarium plant slightly more advanced and not recommended for beginner hobbyists. When planting, Nesaea Crassicaulis should be planted in quality aquarium soil with enough space between each stem to ensure lower levels receive an ample amount of lighting as well. Lack of lighting can result in dull coloration as well as the rotting of the lower portions. This aquarium plant can also be grown in emersed conditions. When emersed, it can be easily confused for an aquarium plant in the Ammania family, but submerged conditions will produce finer narrow-leafed growth. 

We recommend planting Nesaea Crassicaulis in the midground of a planted aquarium tank. The style of this aquatic stem plant would work well for a classic Nature Aquarium Style planted aquarium or in a Dutch Style planted aquarium as well. The slight variation in deep orange and bronze tones would add a lovely contrast to groups of red, magenta and green aquarium stem plants. Simple to propagate, Nesaea Crassicaulis can be treated the same as other aquatic stem plants: simply cut the stem and replant the trimmings into quality aquarium soil.  

Common Name Nesaea Crassicaulis
Ammannia Crassicaulis
Thick-Stemmed Nesaea
Care Moderate to Advanced
Lighting Medium to High
CO2 Recommended
Suggested Placement Midground or Background
Propagation Trim and plant stems
Growth Rate Moderate to Fast
Height 5-12"

Our bunched stem plants are all kept and grown in 
high-quality substrate by Marfied Controsoil. A strict fertilizer dosing regime and CO2 are provided in their holding tanks.

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