Pilea Spruceana

Terrarium Plant
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IMPORTANT: Our terrarium, paludarium and vivarium plants are provided with ample humidity and medium-high lighting in their respective containers. Please ensure you are familiar with general terrarium plant care as well as quarantine practices and rehab care. Should you choose to change this plant's growing environment, please allow the plant to acclimate first, then transition slowly and according to each respective plant's care requirements. We encourage minimum humidity levels of 60-70% starting off.

LIVE PLANTS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO STRESS AND DAMAGE FROM TRANSIT - This may appear in the form of leaf loss, cosmetic damage, dropping etc. Refunds or replacements will not be issued for plants with viable root systems.

Pilea Spruceana is a cute little specimen that features oval-shaped leaves and puckered leaf texture. Sporting a vibrant hue, Pilea Spruceana is a great choice for those who are looking to add pops of color into their terrarium or enclosed container gardens. A must-have for Pilea collectors, Pilea Spruceana may also be grown as a standard house plant, but we recommend having it near a humidifier as higher humidity levels are always appreciated. Pilea Spruceana offers low-profile coverage and grows best in filtered light. Putting this Pilea in direct sun or harsh lighting may result in burnt leaf edges and a slow decline in health. Sometimes known as a friendship plant, Pilea Spruceana, like other Pilea plants, make great gifts! 

Pilea Spruceana is NOT an aquarium plant. Submerging this plant in an aquarium will kill it! Pilea Spruceana Easy Terrarium Terrestrial House Plant
Common Name(s) Pilea Spruceana
Friendship Plant
Angel Wings
Care Moderate
Lighting Low to Medium
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
Size Varies Depending on Conditions
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