Rhaphidophora Sp.

Terrarium Plant
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IMPORTANT: Our terrarium, paludarium and vivarium plants are provided with ample humidity and medium-high lighting in their respective containers. Please ensure you are familiar with general terrarium plant care as well as quarantine practices and rehab care. Should you choose to change this plant's growing environment, please allow the plant to acclimate first, then transition slowly and according to each respective plant's care requirements. We encourage minimum humidity levels of 60-70% starting off.

LIVE PLANTS ARE SUSCEPTIBLE TO STRESS AND DAMAGE FROM TRANSIT - This may appear in the form of leaf loss, cosmetic damage, dropping etc. Refunds or replacements will not be issued for plants with viable root systems.

Rhaphidophora Sp is a popular genus in the Araceae family that is commonly used in vivarium and terrarium enclosures. Loved by hobbyists for its wide range of growing dispositions, this Rhaphidorphora species presents a shingling growth habit and will happily climb or trail along the wall of a vivarium, terrarium or paludarium. As a basic guideline, we recommend providing this vivarium plant with sufficient humidity levels and a growing medium such as high-quality sphagnum moss or a mixture of bark and perlite. Sphagnum moss, bark, and perlite naturally do not contain any nutritional benefits, so it is essential to ensure this plant is given nutrients periodically. Alternatively, Rhaphidophora sp. will climb and trail around your enclosure when happy. Stunted or deformed growth may signal nutritional deficiencies or the presence of pests. Browning or crispy leaf edges may signal insufficient humidity levels. 

This plant will ship as a cutting that may or may not be lightly rooted
Rhaphidophora sp. is NOT an aquarium plant. Submerging this plant in an aquarium will kill it! 

Common Name Rhaphidophora Sp.
Care Moderate
Lighting Low to Medium
Growth Rate Slow to Moderate
Size Varies Depending on Conditions
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