Schismatoglottis Roseospatha

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Schismatoglottis Roseospatha is a stunning epiphyte hailing from the southern regions of Sarawak, Borneo. Characterized by its rich green, low gloss leaves, this aquatic plant is commonly found attached to rocks in the wild along rainforest streams. Although Schismatoglottis Roseospatha is already recognized in the aquarium hobby, this aquatic plant is still incredibly difficult to obtain. Schismatoglottis Roseospatha itself is generally undemanding and its care can be compared to the popular Bucephalandra and Anubias families. Even though it is unnecessary, Schismatoglottis Roseospatha, like most aquatic plants, will benefit greatly from routine fertilizer and CO2 injection along with quality aquarium LED lighting. Similar to Bucephalandra, Schismatoglottis Roseospatha is a slow grower but it will reward those who are patient. 

We recommend using this aquatic plant in minimally planted aquarium tanks such as a blackwater biotope aquarium tank setup. Another benefit of this aquatic plant is that it is a rheophyte, meaning it can withstand strong currents and will remain firmly attached to its foundation. In the wild, Schismatoglottis Roseospatha gets flooded for a short period of time and can be grown both submerged in an aquarium tank and emersed in alternative setups. If grown emersed, care should be taken to provide as much humidity as possible in the surrounding environment. 

Propagation is straightforward; simply cut or pull apart rhizomes to be reattached.  

Common Name
Schismatoglottis Roseospatha
Low to Medium
Suggested Placement Attach to wood or stone
Separate rhizome
Growth Rate

1-5" submerged
5-10" emersed

Our potted plants are kept under strict fertilizer dosing regimes and are provided with CO2 injection in their holding tanks.

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